Monday, October 15, 2007


Consider this.

Column A).
Windows users are considered bound and chained by people in the free software movement(note that I do not use the terminology “Open-source” as they are 2 very different things).
The free software (and open-source) movements set to relief people of their cuffs/chains and set them free in to a world where every thing is only limited by their own imagination.

Column B).
Now consider me, someone who has relieved themselves of their social chains and moved past everything and anything socially “subscribed” where appearance and self exploration is only limited by my own imagination – oh, and I forgot to mention, I am a fond free-software advocate and promoter (just to push the emphasis envelope). - and supposedly, I'm a stereo-type?

Now consider the folk from column A. insulting, well, me – from column B.
Now how the fuck do you work that out?

And for the very/EXACT same reasons free-software/open-source/Linux exist – you have pretty much asserted your entire metaphorical leg down your own throat.