Saturday, July 28, 2007

Getting your Soundblaster Audiy 2zs to work with ubuntu when you already have VIA/Realtec etc drivers set as default

Alright, this was a huge issue for me for so long, I finally got it working though.
This will work with any Soundblaster card (in this case an Audigy 2ZS) and the trouble shoot purpose is when you already have a onboard card and you cant figure out how to get rid of it or get sound through your install.

Firstly, go to System/preferences/sound and make sure your Audiy/soundcard is checked under devices and set the rest of the tabs to "Auto" , what we are about to do will always work so just make sure you do this and nothing else.

Now, open up a terminal and and issue the following command command:
sudo asoundconf list

Now, you will see a list of card you have, in this case it is:

You want to set the default to the audigy card so issue another command:
sudo asoundconf set-default-card Audigy2

Your default card is now the Audigy, now type in alsamixer and all should be fine, make sure digital is enabled (it will be automatically normally) and adjust everything to how you see fit.

Once you are done configuring everything store your alsa settings with the following command:
sudo alsactl store

Just to make sure, also right click on your volume icon in your gnome--panel up top and make sure the preference drop-down tab is also set to your card and obviously make sure its on master.

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